Useful tip to get the best photographer for your wedding

A picture they say is worth a thousand words. And what every bride wants is for her wedding to be a picture-perfect affair. There is nothing like looking back at your wedding photographs after so many years, and being able to re-live your special day. Unfortunately, it’s not too uncommon to hear about a bad wedding photography story or two. We all know that organising a wedding can be a massive undertaking, with so much to think of, so many people to deal with and a lot of money to churn out. But when you have done a good job searching for the most exotic venue, selecting the most beautiful outfits, hiring the best vendors, and setting up the perfect ceremony, the only other prudent thing you must do to complement your efforts, is to hire a truly talented and professional wedding photographer that will help to capture every special detail and memory of your big day.

Below are a few useful tips to help you get started with choosing the best Wedding Photographer for YOU! Oh and if you are planning to have a destination wedding in the beautiful landscape of Queensland, Australia, then by all means, contact our team at Michael Petersen wedding photography. We will be glad to serve as your destination wedding photographer. Remember, your wedding pictures will be the memories that follow you and your new spouse, so make sure you choose a photographer that will capture all of the emotion, the love, and the joys, while ensuring you look natural and relaxed.


While this might seem kind of obvious, you’d be amazed at how many couples don’t do preliminary research into wedding photographers before they hire one. All wedding photographers usually are not created equal, whether you’re speaking about budget, availability, service or style. Of course, the great and affordable ones will often be booked far ahead of time, so it’s better to start your research as early as possible. You can start by searching for professional photographers online or in wedding magazines, in order to avoid disappointment, and to be sure you are getting the best for your event.

Spend some time looking through portfolios of wedding photographers in the area. Observe the things you like and dislike among the various wedding photos you see. Do you want candid photos or posed ones? Do you prefer bright lights to moody shadows? Do you have an overall good feeling about certain photos? Talk with your partner about what you both might be interested in seeing in your wedding photographs, both immediately and in 50 years from now, and which photographers really pull you in.

Have fun determining which wedding photography style fits your personality best. It’s the initial step to connecting with the most beneficial destination wedding photographer that will capture every moment, exactly the way you want to remember it.


We all set a budget for just about anything. But when it comes to photography, keep in mind that price is not everything. The most expensive may not necessarily be the most beneficial photographer for your wedding, but you still end up getting what you pay for in several ways. Some photographers are inexperienced, but are really great at taking amazing shots. Keep in mind that your photos will outlive the food or flowers. If photography is more important to you then try to apportion a greater part of your budget to it.

Of course you’ll have to be quite flexible, but don’t get pressured into paying a lot more than you can afford. Also ensure you will be getting the most value for your money. A lot of good photographers nowadays offer package deals, which aside from covering the marriage can also include a pre-wedding engagement photo-shoot, a video clip on the D-day as well as a professional wedding album. If you are able to get all of that included, whilst still staying within budget, so why not?

Personality is very important- Schedule an appointment to meet

The easiest way to find out if your photographer will be an excellent fit for you is to simply meet them face-to-face. Sometimes, just emailing won’t give you a feel of the photographer’s style or personality, or vice-versa. Make sure you all get along. Check out the vibe you get from them. Are they very easy to get along with? Do they pay attention to you, and respect your wishes being the customer? Weddings usually come with a lot of stress, the last thing you want to have to cope with before and during your wedding is a difficult or an annoying photographer.

Sign a Contract 

Your photographer should be ready to abide by a contract and should already have a standard template that can be tweaked based on your specific needs or circumstances. Make sure you it contains details like when the photographer will arrive and leave. If your wedding ceremony could extend till very late, you’ll want to make sure your photographer is booked to stay until the end of the ceremony. This contract should also include a turnaround time when you should expect to see the wedding photographs.Make certain to read the copyright section closely as well. It goes both ways. For instance, you’re your photographer reserve the rights to use your photos for ads or submit them to wedding magazines?

Well, there you go. Hopefully this information will give you a head start in choosing the perfect photographer for you and your wedding.

At Michael Petersen wedding photography we know that one photograph can be a perfect moment of your big day, frozen in time. Our goal at is to capture these moments for you to share and relish while you live happily ever after. Whether you are looking for a Cairns wedding photographer, a Port Douglas wedding photographer, or an Atherton wedding photographer, we are always here at your service and invite you to discover our passion for capturing the perfect wedding stories.

Congratulations again on your engagement. We hope for you to have the wedding ceremony of your dreams!